Fair Fellow x El Salvador

March 13, 2017

Fair Fellow x El Salvador

   Even before our plane hit the tarmac in El Salvador, we knew there would be something special about our trip to origin- possibility welled up in our hearts, a pipe dream stored away for a few years were now unfolding. All of our meetings and preparation couldn't foretell what this first-hand experience at a coffee farm would do for our morale and overall vision. 

   For this trip we joined forces with one of our most beloved farmers, Anny Ruth, owner of the coffee farm Loma la Gloria ( Hill of Glory). Anny has been running the farm for 3 years, taking over for her father, who bought the farm in the late nineties naming it after his grandfather's estate.  Anny uses her knowledge of business and innovation to drive the evolution of her brand and elevate her coffee year after year; If she can make it better she will. Besides the quality of her coffee, Anny's focus is on the welfare of her workers, which makes her a perfect match for our philanthropic spirit. We met Anny Ruth through our first direct coffee trader, and wherever she went, we followed suit; That is how much we love her and believe in her beans. All that said, our relationship and her expertise has made for one hell of a parnership. She's also an amazing hostess; opening up her breezy and beautiful home for us to stay in, along with her families beach house for a mini getaway. Due to her hospitality and the beauty of her country we had the most wonderful little adventure.

 What better way to share it with you then through the lens of Taylor Mitchell's camera.




This trip reset our spirit and heart, firmly setting our feet even more so in the direction of farmer relationships, transparancy in sourcing and overall direct trade. 

Thank you for taking this journey with us; we hope you enjoyed this video!