There’s something to be said about second chances, a fresh start, a clean slate. That is the theme of our story and the story we want to pass on. Taking what has already been done and doing it better- producing, procuring, roasting, to the moment we pull a shot of espresso- doing all of these things in a way that lets the coffee beans speak – we want them to show off and boast of the great care taken to get them into our hands and furthermore, into your hands. We source coffee in a way that insures the farmers are paid above market value for their coffee. Direct trade is this beautiful process; with our money we are saying to the farmers – “ Thank you for your care-filled work. Thank you for treating your land well. Thank you for giving us the best coffee money can buy. “ And with our thanks they pour into their farms, their communities, their families and future generations. It’s a win-win. It’s what is right, it’s what is good, its what is fair.
This is Fair Fellow Coffee.
Come visit us at our cafe & roastery located at:
1 N. Lewis Ave
Tulsa, OK 74110


Mon-Thurs 7am-7pm

Fri+Sat 7am-9pm

Sun Closed


If you are in search of wholesale pricing, equipment, catering, events, space rental, displaying your art or playing music in our shop we ask that you send us an email.