Elsie's Blend

Fair Fellow Coffee

Country: El Salvador+Guatemala+Ethiopia

Region: El Boqueron+Antigua+Kochere

Varietal: Red Bourbon+Heirloom

Process: Washed+Natural

Altitude: 1400-2100m

We taste:  Tart cherries+Dried Fig+Smoked Caramel

Good for:  Drip+French press+Espresso

In March 2016 we moved in to our building which was the old location of Elsie's Dress Shop, located at Admiral and Lewis. When we were looking to name our espresso; again it just seemed right to name it Elsie's Blend.  This is a seasonal espresso blend that changes as new coffees arrive at our door. It will change tasting notes and we will update as it does. It is what we use as espresso in our shop so we promise it will be done well each time it changes.




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